Political Tribalism in America Reaching Its Height

More than half of white Americans believe that they have already replaced blacks as the main victims of discrimination in this country according to a 2012 study.

This is the first time in the history of America where white Americans are being viewed as the minority in their country. But this demographic shift has made just a slight impact to allay minority concerns about discrimination.

A significant number of black Americans are not that optimistic about the necessary changes to provide them with equal rights. Furthermore, hate crimes have increased astoundingly in the wake of  the election last 2016.

When certain groups feel oppressed, they become more insular and defensive. This brings forth tribalism.

Today, in America, almost all ethnicities and religious groups feel this way. From liberals to conservatives – everyone feels threatened and bullied. Whites and blacks, Latinos and Asians, men and women, Christians, Jews, and Muslims, straight people and gay people – no one is exempted; not even those in home health agencies in west palm beach.

These assumptions combined with recorded documents of inequality are the reasons why we are seeing identity politics. With this, America is caught up in a dangerous situation. No one stands up for America without identity politics and this country isn’t built on this.

Former U.S. president Barack Obama made a speech in 2004 that there is no black America and white America. There is no Latino America and Asian America but rather, there is a United States of America.

After a decade and a half, the current America is far from Obama’s America.

White male Protestants dominated America for a long time in history. Most of the time, they are violent and this legacy still continues.  The ongoing racial inequality has left many citizens disappointed with the hopes of racial progress during Obama’s believed to be end of racial-discrimination presidency.  

Most citizens of the United States want to believe in change.  Learning from the cruel events in history, there is a hope for progress. That differences in beliefs are set aside and that there is a building acceptance, even at the notion that most white people have turned into a new leaf for equality.

With the rise of identity politics, subdivision of several proliferating groups relentlessly demanding recognition goes along with it.