Then vs. Now

Read the news on the Internet. Turn on the nightly news on the television. Listen to talk radio. People make it seem like politics is swerving out of control. They paint pictures of a loose cannon president, a Congress which never gets anything, and scandals that rock individual members in government. But, in reality, nothing has changed. As a matter of fact, things are arguably better now than they were decades or hundreds of years ago.

We shouldn’t take what we have for granted. Perhaps people should be reminded that, only 100 years ago, women did not even have the right to vote yet. African Americans did not share the same rights as other citizens 70 years ago. Our good friends at Handyman Pompano Beach believe this country was in a literal Civil War 150 years ago. The fact that some people would refer to the current political climate as a type of civil war is laughable. If people do die due to some extremist(s), it will only be a few. The Civil War claimed over 600,000 lives. That’s what a real war looks like. Any bickering in today’s political climate is child’s play. It doesn’t matter how heated a debate gets.

As long as bullets aren’t firing, people should sit back and realize words are just words. They can turn off the television. They can stop reading political news on the Internet. And they can play some music on the radio instead of listening to political talk shows. History has shown that it can repeat itself. This is true especially if we don’t learn from the mistakes of the past. But, looking back, we should understand the serious mistakes were common. Unrest, hunger, disease, and war within our borders were much more common in the past than they are today. And that’s something to think about and be thankful for.