The news stations on television have always covered politics as a topic. Newspapers and current events magazines have always printed political opinions. Why, then, does it seem like politics is so widespread today? The answer is not because more people are watching TV or reading the newspaper. Actually, most people don’t read newspapers anymore due to the Internet. The answer is because of who is the current president of the U.S. Political commentary seems to be so widespread because of Donald Trump.

This is not a positive or negative reading of the situation. It is only an observation about current events. Whether one leans liberal or conservative, the name Donald Trump elicits more emotions than talking about the 115th United States Congress. Many people probably don’t even know what I’m referring to when I write “115th”. That is simply the number of Congressional sessions there have been since 1789.

Trump in politics has been a wild ride. During the presidential primary, large crowds of supporters were met with large crowds of protesters. Many people were injured on both sides.

In March 2016, Trump, then a candidate for the presidency, was scheduled to hold a rally in Chicago. Surely, because Chicago has such a large police force, they could keep the peace. But that’s not what happened. Fearing some type of riot, Trump canceled his planned rally. Looking back, this was probably a good choice since it may have averted many injuries or something worse.

While Trump is still president, I see politics continuing to be front and center in the news cycle. This will be especially true if he runs for reelection. Sure, people might get tired of seeing politics all of the time. But it sure does give people something to talk about. After all, politics has always been around and it will always be around in the future.